Deaths Caused Due to Potholes, “Unacceptable", Says Supreme Court

Deaths Caused Due to Potholes, “Unacceptable

The Supreme Court bench presided by Justice Madan B Lokur also comprising Justices Deepak Gupta and Hemant Gupta, on Thursday while expressing their dismay regarding death of approximately 15,000 people, who were being killed in accidents because of existing potholes on roads across the nation during last five years, said that the number of such deaths was most likely much higher than those who are killed on border or by the terrorists.

The bench said,

"The large number of deaths caused due to potholes is unacceptable and probably more than those killed on border or by the terrorists."

The observation of the bench came while referring a report filed by the Supreme Court appointed Committee on Road Safety, under supervision of former SC Justice K S Radhakrishnan.

The bench was citing the number of deaths occurred in accidents from 2013 to 2017 because of potholes and said that the shocking figures clearly points out that the authorities concerned, responsible for maintaining the roads are not doing their job effectively.

The bench sought a response from the Centre for the same and has posted the matter for further hearing in January 2019.

On July 20, the Court noted that casualties due to potholes were more than those in terror attacks.

The Court further considering the gravity of the issue, asked the Supreme Court appointed Committee on Road Safety to investigate the issue and added that committee should give recommendations as the issue belongs to a part of road safety.

The bench also opined that people who have lost their lives in accidents because of potholes should be entitled to compensation.


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