Rohan Tulpule- Fashion Photographer

Rohan Tulpule- Fashion Photographer

Interview of Famous Fashion Photographer, Mr. Rohan Tulpule


Interview with Famous Fashion Photographer, Mr. Rohan Tulpule on his experiences with the legal world as a photographer. He talks to us about the legal complications faced by him over the years and what legal precautions he takes care with his profession.

Seldom does one understand the thin line between fine art and obscenity. Rohan Tulpule broke the norms and decided to discover those thin lines.

Coming with no background of digital cameras or DSLR's, Rohan was fascinated by photography than number crunching from his commerce professor.

Through what is called glamour photography, Rohan portrays delicate piece of art, which is unburdened by all things except pure feelings, adding a tinge of black and white to it.

Rohan is also an ace pre-wedding, wedding and fashion photographer. Apart from mesmerising his folks through his amazing pictures, Rohan religiously follows football and is a professional goalkeeper himself. Having played for few local clubs, Rohan can switch on his serious mode as a tutor as well.

Apart from his love for photography, Rohan is also a cyclist as well as a travel enthusiast.

In this interview, Famous Fashion Photographer,Mr. Rohan Tulpule shares with us his experiences with the legal world as a photographer. He talks to us about the legal complications faced by him over the years and what legal precautions he takes care of with his profession.

With over 30 thousand followers in the world of Social Media, most of it being his female fans who are not only following him for his unusual beautiful photography, he has his fans praising him for his charm and down-to-earth and friendly attitude. We, at Amie Legal were fortunate enough to interview him personally and learn about the unknown relationship about photography and law.

1. How and why did you choose photography? How did this profession come into your life?

While I was pursuing my graduation degree, my college professor used to do photography and share some images of various photographers with us. Looking at the photographs and such art work, somewhere it fascinated and inspired me. It was then, that I decided of picking up camera. In the beginning I wasn’t very sure how and what is to be photographed, but slowly I started searching for the subjects for photography within my day to day life.

I realised this is my undiscovered passion and decided to develop it further. I started reading about photography from online sources and developed my skill all by myself.

Later I started posting the photographs I clicked on my social media profiles and wherein I started receiving huge appreciations and offers for photography. In order to develp my skills further, I joined the National Institute of Photography, and passed with an A+, which in turn boosted my passion for photography even more.

This is how I entered the world of photography and still continue to follow my dreams and compete with my own self to become more skilled in every aspect of it.

2. You have become a well-known name in the world of bold photography specially, how did you choose this unusual category of photography?

As I entered into the world of photography, I realised how women are the most favourite subjects of photographers all around. It was then when I discovered that there’s more to women than just their face and features.

Women has her biggest asset in confidence and I wanted to help women build this confidence. I realised that human body is not a straight line. The non-linearity of it is best expressed in black and white and playing around with the lights. I got my inspiration from the fact that the world was black and white before the colours became mainstream.

I am doing Fashion and Nude photography for the last 3 years. But, people usually think of me as a person who only works with nude models. It is not just nude photography, but it is about appreciating the human body for its form, emotional and aesthetic qualities.

3. Have you ever faced any legal issues or problems in your profession?

Well yes, recently my clicks were stolen and circulated over social media by removing my watermark. So points were raised on me regarding this but was cooled down in next few days with the help of my lawyer.

4. If yes, was it easy to find a solution for it anywhere or did you have to consult an advocate for a solution?

At that moment I was very tensed and was forced to remove all the pics from my social media pages. So I consulted my advocate and she helped me in find a solution for this. She suggested filing a case for infringement of copyright of my work. I was also suggested to put a Copyright logo for all the photographs clicked by me henceforth. Basically, it was difficult to obtain the information easily unless I contacted my lawyer for the details and help.

5. Are you aware of the legalities involved and attached with photography?

No, currently am not, but I am sure this platform will definitely help me and people like me in need of the legal information for sure.

But I would be amazed if photographers and artists would be able to find all the legal solutions and guidelines for their work through a website like yours which would help them in preventing legal complications.

6. Do you think there is a need for a platform where answers to all your legal issues and basic problems can be found with the help of just one click on your phone or computer?

Yes of course. Common people would be more than happy if they could find all the basic legal information on their fingertips.


7. How will a platform like this where you could get answers to all your legal issues effect your life?

Anytime in future if I come across any legal issues, a platform like this will definitely serve my purpose. I don’t have to go to my lawyer every time to find a solution for my legal issues  for getting even the basic legal information.

8. What is your opinion about our website?

Amie Legal is damn good and informative. Apart from laws related to photography, there were a lot of basic legal information that I got to know through this website like rights related to landlords and tenants, law related to copyrights and many other information. I also got to know about the disputed Section 63 of the Copyright Act, which was something I didn’t know earlier. In fact there are a lot of interesting case stories like the Jessica Lal case, Aarushi Talwar murder case, etc., which were of great interest to me as I like reading such true stories.

Overall, I feel Amie Legal is a great website and is an ocean of knowledge to every type of reader who visits the site. I wish great luck and success to the whole team, writers, editors and every person connected with Amie Legal in this great endeavour of knowledge and legal help to common people and I feel privileged as a photographer to be interviewed by this amazing website.

All the best Amie Legal!


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