Indrani Mukerjea Argues For Her Bail In Court

Indrani Mukerjea Argues For Her Bail In Court

Indrani Mukerjea, accused of killing her daughter Sheena Bora and currently lodged at Mumbai’s Byculla jail since her arrest has today argued for herself before the Special CBI Court following the rejection of her bail plea. Indrani's contention before the Court was regarding her health issue, that was also mentioned in her bail application filed earlier this month. Indrani who has developed a neurological complication" apprehends a "brain stroke" and asked the Court,
“Will CBI take responsibility if I die?”
"I am filing the bail application on medical grounds due to recent change in my health condition."
It is to be noted that earlier also Indrani had filed a bail application on medical grounds.
However, the Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI), while considering her plea without merits, had opposed her bail on the grounds that she is not having any family member outside the jail who can take care of her health, as her daughter also stays abroad. The CBI in it's reply filed earlier, said,
“Prima facie it appears that her (Indrani’s) daughter Vidhie is in the UK. Indrani and her husband, accused number 4 Peter Mukerjea, have filed a divorce petition before the honourable family court in Mumbai, which means no family members are available to look after her if released on bail."
It was also added that JJ Hospital authorities as well as Byculla jail, are providing her sufficient facilities and also assured that in case of requirement they would produced her before a medical board either in JJ Hospital or at AIIMS in Delhi.
Indrani is accused of killing her daughter Sheena Bora, in April 2012, over some financial disputes. Her alleged partners in crime, her former husband Sanjeev Khanna and her driver were also arrested for Sheena's murder in August 2015.
Peter Mukerjea, her husband and media baron was also arrested for his alleged participation in conspiracy of Sheena's  murder.

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