Amie Legal Presents- All India Picture Of Law Competition

Amie Legal Presents- All India Picture Of Law Competition

This is for All of You Creative People Out There!

Amie Legal Brings to you Picture Of Law Competition where you can showcase icons of law through your photography, drawing, sketching or painting skills and win attractive prizes!

The Best Photograph wins a Certificate, Amazon Vouchers, Souvenirs and Many More!

Top 10 Pictures win Certificates from us!

Several Prizes and Certificates up for the grab!

So pull your socks up people, get creative and show us your idea of law!

How to Apply:

1. Send us a photograph, painting, sketch or drawing depicting law or anything related only to law (for ex: Supreme Court, High Court or any other Courts, Gavel, Lawyer, Currency, share market, municipal corporations, etc.) which is either made/clicked by you, or you have the legal authority to use them commercially, on our e-mail id:

2. Along with your photograph/painiting/sketch/drawing, send us your full name, contact number, Facebook ID, Instagram ID, Twitter ID or LinkedIn ID if any, so that we can tag you while publishing your photographs on our website or Social Media Platforms if needed.

3. The last date of sending in your photographs, drawings, sketches or paintings is 10th August, 2018.

Terms & Conditions:

1. The photograph or drawing/imagebyou send should be copyright free and you should be having the legal authority to use them in any manner.

2. Once you send us the photograph, your photograph/drawing becomes a copyright of Amie Legal exclusively.

3. Your photographs will be published by Amie Legal on its website as and when needed with due credit to you.

4. The decision of Amie Legal will be final and binding.

You can reach to us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | +91 800 743 0200 


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