BJP Rath Yatra- Mamata Banerjee Government to Challenge HC Order

BJP Rath Yatra- Mamata Banerjee Government to Challenge HC Order

The Calcutta High Court headed by Justice Tapabrata Chakraborty on Thursday conditionally approved the Bharatiya Janta Party’s Rath Yatra and the State Government of West Bengal on Thursday approached the Calcutta High Court to challenge the approval given by a single bench to the division bench led by Chief Justice Debasish Kar Gupta. BJP plans to conduct ‘Rath Yatras’ all over the state as a part of its campaign for the Lok Sabha Elections in 2019. The State Government had denied giving permission to the Saffron Party to go on with their campaign stating that there is a possibility of communal unrest after holding a meeting with the BJP leaders. So the party decided to approach the court as a result.

While the division bench of Calcutta allowed the Saffron Party to commence their yatras, it directed the administration that they supervise the yatra and look into it that there is no breach of law or order during the march. Also, the BJP is also directed to inform the superintendents about the places the yatra will be going through atleast 12 hours before they reach those places.

BJP vice-president Joy Prakash Majumdar called the verdict a victory of the democracy and the people of Bengal. Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley also had his say on the matter. He said that the state government was biased to have denied the BJP to organize its rally and that it would have been a greater issue had BJP denied its opposition permission to organize a campaign.

While the Mamata government has challenged this decision of the court, it will be heard on Friday. The tension between both the parties continue as the campaign of the BJP is strategically upsetting for the ruling party in Bengal.


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