Criminal Defamation Complainant Filed Against Shashi Tharoor for His Remarks Against PM Narendra Modi

Criminal Defamation Complainant Filed Against Shashi Tharoor for His Remarks Against PM Narendra Modi

New Delhi: On Saturday, November 3, a criminal defamation complaint has been filed before a Delhi Court, against Congress MP, Shashi Tharoor, for his alleged defamatory remarks against the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. The remark was on lines of comparing the PM to a scorpion.

Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Samar Vishal, accepting the complaint has listed the matter for hearing on November 16.

The controversy arose when Tharoor brought up an incident from the past. On Sunday, October 28, ruring his speech at the Bengaluru Literature Festival, Tharoor mentioned that an anonymous RSS leader had once compared PM Modi to “a scorpion sitting on a Shivling.”

Allegedly, the said remark was originally made by an anonymous source back in 2012. The complainant argued that back then, the remarks made against Narendra Modi were buried without any consequences for the same. However, with the rise in his popularity and considering the fact that the PM is now a World leader, the complainant considered this as a personal attack by Tharoor to insult their leader and also those working and in support of the PM and BJP.

The complaint was filed by Delhi BP leader, Rajeev Babbar, claimed that the statement and remarks were made by Tharoor, gravely hampered the goodwill of the Hindu deity. Furthermore, he submitted that the accused not only maligned their leader but also disrespected their religious beliefs. Moreover, the complainant has accused Tharoor for deliberately making libellous statements to constitute to defamation.

The Advocate on record for the complainant, Advocate Neeraj submitted that Tharoor’s statements were “intole rable abuse” and “absolute vilification” of the faith of the people.

The Congress MP has been charged for defamation under Sections 499 and 500 of the IPC. In case if he is convicted, Tharoor will be liable to serve imprisonment for a maximum period of two years.

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