Go Green Group- An Initiative By The Students Of NIT Raipur College

Go Green Group- An Initiative By The Students Of  NIT Raipur College

Humanity doesn't have a religion. But its propagators have no age as well. Hoping to make their homeland Raipur detached from the ever-persistent problem of pollution, the students from NIT Raipur took the initiative on their young shoulders. Pursuing Biomedical Engineering, it would not have been easy anyway as students. But crossing all the obstacles and making it a success, makes them stand at the level where they deserve to be acknowledged globally.

As it is said, "charity begins from home", the group started the good work from its college itself. It was much of a delight mixed with surprise when one day the entire college saw the campus equipped with 2 different dustbins from classrooms to the cafeteria. Not really it was strange, but it was the intensity of effort which touched their hearts. The group didn't stop here. Next, they planned to execute a weekly cleaning campaign in the campus to reinforce the request of keeping it clean and often used to extend it to nearby lakes or public destinations. They also strategically planned the scheme of afforestation, which now also bestows the responsibility on the group to make Raipur a green city. Not cringing, as someone else could have, they welcomed such a huge responsibility with open arms. Apart from that, they also take care of the well-being of the plants in the campus and surrounding areas. To take the word of going green ahead, they also conducted a competition which they termed as "Green Ganesha" wherein they emphasised moulding of Lord's idol all using clay and natural colour and avoiding the use of harmful chemicals like POP. The astounding success of such events where motivated the group, several factors undeniably pulled it back too. First, what they are fighting is not rot, but thought. To change the mentality of the general public has been the greatest hurdle the activists face. "Chalta hai" has grown its roots too deep inside the society, and uprooting it is quite a task. After all, some Indians are quite efficient in lecturing others, but won't mend the ways when it comes to them. Also, where all the efforts go down in vain is when the municipal van collects and dumps the separately collected garbage in the same van and dumps it collectively in the Sarona dump-yard. The committee also wants to organise a Green Fest, which it claims to be the first Ecofest all over the country, but what holds it back is the shortage of funds. Whatever they could save already has been invested in programs called Green Library (where they distributed free books and engineering equipments to newly-arrived juniors), and Pukar (nukkad nataks and distribution of clothes, toys and substance alike to needy people). Currently trying to request the authorities for a better disposal system for waste solid and water management in the college, the group is optimistic about the initiative to be passed on like a legacy.

We wish the group all the success in their future endeavours and would certainly love to see them growing.

Volunteers Involved in This Initiative:
Aashik Ajgalle, Abhishek Shende, Ashish Chandrakar, Avdhesh Kumar Jha, Chandni, Davinder Singh, Debangshu Chakravorty, Devendra Kumar, Divyank Saiwal, Durgesh Chandra Yadav, G Druva Kumar, Gaurav Sahu, Gautam Kumar, Gayathri Kottem, Gulshan Kumar Gabel, Gunjan Sharma, Harsh Chandrakar, Himanshu Sahu, Jasol, Jaya Sidar, Jitesh Kumar Dewangan, Juhi Pradip Tupkar, Kamlesh Kumar Mahriya, Kartik Singh, Keshav Kumar Jha, Krishna Sahu, Kshitij Surendra Ukey, Laveena Talreja, Lingraj Hans, Maneesh Mishra, Manish Kumar, Masada. Ajiy, Mayank Gupta, Milind Verma, Minu Rex.A.S., C. Chetan, Navdeep Mandal, Neelima Bhardwaj, Parmeshwar Kumar Chandra, Pedagala Ajay Vardhan Chary, Punj Prakash Anand, Raj Singh, Rohan Chitale, Rupali Sahu, Sagaturu Rekha, Sakshi Sawai, Saqlain, Shesmita, Shraddha Rathore, Sonu Kumar, Sourabh Meshram, Swapnil Sanjay Mhatre, Tejeshwini Sahu, Unnat Kumar Agarwalla, V.Sunil Kumar, Vinay Kumar Ujee, Vivek Verma

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