Gujarat High Court Denies Foreign Honeymoon to Vismay Shah, Hit-and-run Case Convict

Gujarat High Court Denies Foreign Honeymoon to Vismay Shah, Hit-and-run Case Convict

Ahmedabad: Justice Sonia Gokani of the Gujarat High Court on Monday rejected the 2013 BMW hit-and-run case convict’s appeal seeking his passport to honeymoon abroad. On a different context, the court allowed his passport to be sent for the renewal process, but also directed that it would be returned to the Trial Court once it is renewed and said that the Court would decide later on when to return Vismay Shah his passport in future.

Vismay Shah had got married to Pooja Patel on December 13, and he filed a request to the Gujarat High Court seeking his passport so that he could go out of the country as they had planned a honeymoon abroad. He had planned a honeymoon trip to Dubai and Mauritius. The court, however, rejected his request and Justice Gokani said that there are many interesting places in India too to go for honeymoon.

Vismay Shah was the prime convict of the 2013 BMW hit-and-run case. He was driving a BMW car at the speed of 120 on 24 February 2013 and moved down two boys Shivam Dave (21), and Rahul Patel (25), who were on a two-wheeler, before crashing into a tree.

Vismay Shah,  however, tried to flee from the crime scene and his father, who is a doctor, tried to distract the court by saying that their driver was on the wheel seat. However, an eyewitness, a friend of the two dead friends, confirmed that it was Vismay, who was driving the car on the day of the incident, which gave a strong base to continue the trial.

Nonetheless, many eyewitnesses turned hostile during the course of proceedings, though, the Gujarat High Court and Trial Court both were very strict with Vismay, both before and after he was declared convict in 2015, and rejected all his bail pleas.

He finally approached the Supreme Court for his bail. Initially, while protesting his appeal against his conviction, the parents of the deceased fought for the maximum term to be given to Vismay. However, eventually, Vismay struck a settlement with the families to rather pay compensation to the families for not appealing any criminal trial.

The hearing has begun for the case, and the Court is yet to decide whether to accept this settlement or not.


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