Gujarat High Court: Prisoners Be Required to Show Five Photographs of Wedding, Engagements for Parole

Gujarat High Court: Prisoners Be Required to Show Five Photographs of Wedding, Engagements for Parole

AHMEDABAD: The Gujarat High Court, on Thursday, in an order allowed three prisoners to go out on parole to attend wedding and engagement celebrations with a condition to provide with proof of at least five photographs to the High Court Registry.

The bench of Justice V B Mayani ordered jail authorities to release three prisoners who sought parole to attend social functions, on an undertaking from them to show five photographs before they surrender themselves back to jail on completion of parole period as a proof of their actual presence in the festivities, rituals and dinner parties with relatives.

As per the facts, one of the three prisoners who sought parole was Shafi Mohammed Shaikh, who is granted with three days parole period subject to an undertaking by him to supply the photograph in the Registry. He is behind bars for one and half years, serving his three-year jail term and seeked parole to attend his son’s engagement ceremony which is programmed between January 7 and 9. He filed a petition in HC because his request for parole was rejected by district magistrate.

The other one who requested for parole was Panchmahal’s Suleman Pir alias Tiger, who got ten days parole period in order to attend the engagement of his son and two marriages in his family on January 13, on the same condition to produce photographs of the engagement and the two marriage ceremonies.

The third one was Rajkot’s Firoz Sama, who wanted to come out of jail for one month for his own marriage on January 9 but Justice Mayani granted him with seven days parole period on condition to produce photographs of different functions showing “applicant-convict as a groom, photographs of him performing different marriage rituals as well as of the occasion of ‘Dawat’, in which the family members and other relatives are taking meals together”.

In the course of hearing of these petitions in HC, the invitation cards were produced as proof of scheduled functions. The Judge even stated that “all the invitation cards appeared to have been printed from same  place as none of them contained names and addresses of the printers”.














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