Gujarat Third Highest in Swine Flu Cases in India; Gujarat HC Castigates State Government and Municipal Corporation

Gujarat Third Highest in Swine Flu Cases in India; Gujarat HC Castigates State Government and Municipal Corporation

Castigating the Gujarat government and Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) for its lackadaisical and apathetic approach in dealing with the unrestrained spread of swine flu virus in the state, claiming several innocent lives, the Gujarat High court division bench of Justice AS Dave and Justice BirenVaishnav on Friday, stringently directed the AMC to file an affidavit detailing the infrastructure facilities and availability of human resources in state run hospitals to curb swine flu cases by Monday.

The bench’s observations came in responseto a PIL moved accusing the substandard health infrastructure facilities and lack of hygiene in public hospitals for the rise in swine flu cases in the state, which is reported as third highest in the country.

The court had in its earlier order directed the government and the civic body to file an affidavit furnishing details of infrastructure facilities available in government-run hospitals. However, the order was blatantly disregarded by both the authorities, while the government did not file any response, AMC submitted a loose paper detailing the infrastructure facilities.

Furiated over the casual approach of the government and civic body, the bench said, “We do not want loose papers. We want affidavits on record with the details we are seeking from the authorities”.

In no mood for any leniency towards such blatant disregard to court’s directions, the bench directed AMC to provide maximum help to affected patients instead of harassing them with over burdening hospital procedures and paperwork and further, ordered them to improve coordination among hospitals to ensure speedy treatment and recovery of patients.

The court also admonished the AMC for the lack of isolation ward in the hospitals operated by it. Justice Dave remarked,“Your state-of-the-art VS Hospital does not have an isolation ward.”

Stressing on the need of immediate action by both the authorities, the bench directedthe state government to deal with the situation as if it was wartime and to be prepared to tackle swine flu cases as well as file an affidavit detailing preparatory steps it has taken to counter its spread before the onset of monsoon.

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