Supreme Court Launches Online Web Portal to Facilitate Tour Inside Its Premises on Saturdays

Supreme Court Launches Online Web Portal to Facilitate Tour Inside Its Premises on Saturdays

In one of its first kind of initiative, the Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi in last week launched an online portal, as per which the place that represents the epitome and power of Indian judiciary, "Supreme Court" will be now open to the general public from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM on every Saturday for the visits except on the days of declared holidays.

CJI Ranjan Gogoi announced this one-hour tour, in which a maximum of 20 persons can visit the premises at a time. Earlier to this, only law related persons like lawyers, law interns, law students, litigants and media persons were having access to the premises.

Through the portal anyone can book ‘guided tours’ to the Supreme Court and can have access to the grand interiors of the Hon'ble Supreme Court building and can realise the stature of the place, which is unseen for most of us.

The visitors, who have made an online booking through the portal in advance would be escorted through the entire 17 acres of the premises and can get acquainted with the parts of authentic significance and the visitors will also likewise get an opportunity to observe the court rooms where our Hon'ble Justices deal with the different controversial issues for the sake of nation and for betterment of our lives as well.

The tours can be booked from the official website of the Supreme Court of India by clicking on “Registration” tab under the link “Guided Tour” and can complete the short online form to confirm the prior reservation.

It is to be noted that "no fee" would be charged for this, though, one has to follow certain instructions of not carrying any kind of eatables including pan masala, or gadgets like mobile or camera as the photography is not allowed inside the premises. The visitors will be provided with an electronic access card or passes.