Plastic Ban: Madras HC Directions to Govt. Officials Not to Confiscate More than 14 Listed Plastic Items

Plastic Ban: Madras HC Directions to Govt. Officials Not to Confiscate More than 14 Listed Plastic Items

Chennai, January 10: Elucidating the grievance of affected traders, the Madras HC division bench comprising of Justices M M Sundresh and Krishnan Ramaswamy has made directions to the concerned government authorities not to confiscate the plastic items other than the 14 listed items in the schedule of prohibited ones, as published in Government Order (G.O.) dated June 25, 2018.

The court passed the interim order on a batch of PIL petitions filed by the affected retail traders of plastic products alleging that the officials are harassing them on the pretext of implementing the order by indiscriminately seizing the unlisted plastic items in the schedule of June 25 government order.

The Petitioners sought the court’s interference in the alleged act of the authorities of confiscating the plastic items regardless of whether they are banned or not and to restrain them from doing so by directing them only to seize listed plastic items.

The court said that the traders should not be coerced and therefore, “Except the 14 items listed in the GO, other plastic items should not be seized”.

The Court has also made suggestions to the government to consider banning all sorts of plastic products, in respect of which the petitioners had moved a review petition seeking the court to review its suggestions and informed the court about it.

A ban on the set of disposable plastic products was settled by the Tamil Nadu government on June 5, 2018, that it would come into force from January 1, 2019, following which, officials are carrying out surprise checks and also confiscating the banned plastic items from the traders.

Earlier, Madras HC had dismissed a petition challenging the order of banning plastic.

The move to ban plastic is supported by the Environmentalists, but plastics manufacturers and small traders are upset over the ban. Environment Minister KC Karupanan said consumers and traders should switch to eco-friendly bags.

The Next date of hearing is on January 23.


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