President’s Rule Succeeds Governor’s Rule in Jammu and Kashmir

President’s Rule Succeeds Governor’s Rule in Jammu and Kashmir

While the six-month tenure of the Governor’s rule in Jammu and Kashmir came to an end, the president rule begins in the state. The Union Cabinet headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave its nod to the decision of the governor to impose president’s rule over the state. With this, all the legislature of the state will be exercised by and under the Parliament and the President will take all the decisions under Article 74 (1)(i) with the advice of the council of ministers and the Prime Minister.

The Gazette notification issued on Wednesday said that a report was sent by the J&K Governor Satya Pal Malik to the president and after properly considering it and various other factors, the President was satisfied that the state indeed needed the president’s rule.

The notification said,"In pursuance...of the proclamation me under article 356 of the Constitution of India, I hereby direct that all the functions of the Government of the State of Jammu and Kashmir and all the powers vested in or exercisable by the Governor of that State...shall, subject to the superintendence, direction and control of the President, (and) be exercisable also by the Governor of the State," .

The state of Jammu and Kashmir has a different Constitution so Governor’s rule for a period of six months is necessary under article 92 of the J&K constitution, i.e. all the legislative power will be vested to the governor.

The governor’s rule was forced on the state due to the collapse of the coalition government of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) - Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) led by Mufti Mehbooba when BJP withdrew its support. The Jammu and Kashmir Assembly comprising of 87 members was kept under animated suspension until the governor dissolved it on November 21 horse-trading and lack of stability to form a government as the reasons. Various parties claimed to form a government with the support of a number of MLAs but failed to win the confidence of the governor who decided that fresh elections are the way to go and the political unrest in the state needs stabilization by the governor’s and the president’s rule first, until the time for election come.


Article 356 of the Constitution of India
Article 74 (1)(i)
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)
Governor rule
Jammu and Kashmir
Jammu and Kashmir Assembly
People’s Democratic Party (PDP)
President Ram Nath Kovind
President’s rule
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