Shreshth Group

Shreshth Group

Tired of listening to “Bharath nahi badal sakta” time and again, they knew it was time to make a difference. Even as Benjamin Disraeli said, “Almost everything that is great is done by youth,” they knew it won’t change until they change it. Merely saying will do no good.

All ebullient at the age of 18, the happiness of changing the society was the first time when their “Fauji Brat” soul was proud of them. Looking forward to it they joined an NGO recently opened in Chandigarh. They were basically the Core team based there and had to expand the foundation of NGO. After constantly working for the betterment of the society, toiling for hours in black in the fund raising events and returning all sweaty and tired, they were happy. But after a year they got to know that the NGO they were working for was being run on a trial basis by the Head team. Also, the funds raised by them which summed up to thousands, weren’t used for the society. They just went down the drain. That hit like a bolt from black. The team which was so dear to them had been stabbing them right behind our backs.

They unanimously decided to discontinue with it. Quote from Abraham Lincoln guided them through. “When in doubt, don't,” he said.

Then, once while taking a post-dinner stroll, suddenly something struck one of them. That spark which kindled a new flame- the thought of opening their own NGO.

Thus, they lay the foundation of their own Group - ‘Shreshth’. Their child, they lovingly refer to it as.

And the journey began. But as it is, opening up an NGO ain’t an easy task. From looking for volunteers to looking forward to sponsors, it wasn’t easy at the very least. They sat together and churned out minds to come up with creative ideas to make their team different from others. From conducting social events to organizing academic lectures, it was indeed daunting at times. Their young shoulders felt too feeble to lift this responsibility. But then, the brag or making yourself proud dragged them through. When they looked at those tiny tots trotting happily all around them, they were nothing but proud of being the reason behind that smile. When they looked at those faces wrinkling with smile, thin lips parting in satisfaction, their eyes couldn’t help becoming moist! That has been a visual treat. They are visual treat. And yes, it is always worth it!

Now it is that they know, they are actually making a difference.

Shreshth is looking for volunteers or anyone who could help them in establishing and registering it as an NGO.

NGO - ‘Shreshth’ Works for These Causes in an Around the Vicinity of Chandigarh. If You Are Interested In Joining, Helping, Donating Or Volunteering With them in their Work, Please Feel Free To Reach Us At Our Official Number 08007430200. We’d Be Glad to Make More People Help to Join This Noble Cause!

Let Us All Pledge To Make This World A Better One! Jai Hind!


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