Students of ICFAI University Spread a Light of Joy during Diwali

Students of ICFAI University Spread a Light of Joy during Diwali

Eager to serve humanity, young students led by Prasoon Shekhar of ICFAI University, this Diwali decided to spread light in the lives of destitute beyond imagination in the slums of Patna. Being in the first year of their law school, they admit that this was not an easy task to execute, especially when this was to be their first step towards humanity. "We always wanted to organise these kinds of programs, but due to some hurdle or the other, we never actually could", says Prasoon. Their first task, successfully completed, was a collective effort of all the young brains and budding lawyers.

With being mainly sponsored by Director of IITian's Tapasaya for food packets and beverages, the students also took over the internet as a source of funding. As much as they could collect, they prepared food packaging, clothes and Diwali staple- the churchuri crackers. They also bought sweets and distributed them amongst people.

The students say they draw inspiration towards this act of humanity from their parents, who have always taught them to help the needy. Indeed, their parents' role in this beautiful act has been invaluable. Prasoon also gives due credit to his friend Aditya, who accompanied and helped the former in every possible way he could. The idea of choosing Diwali weekend as the D-day entered in his mind when he saw unprivileged children selling candles, diyas and other decors in footpaths and traffic signals. This had to be the time, he decided. Talking about his impediments, the group says gathering funds was the greatest problem as the majority of people saw the collection as a fraud. Also, managing such a large crowd and distributing clothes of appropriate size was another hurdle which took a lot of their effort to rectify.

We asked them what their future endeavours would be. Whether after such a hectic event, they would want to continue with it or not. And the answer was an astounding “Yes”! Apart from such events, they also plan to arrange for tuition classes for such children and educate them about various schemes that the Indian government has formulated for their welfare.

We wish these group of students and friends all the success in their future endeavours and would certainly love to see them growing and spreading love and joy all around.












Volunteers Involved in This Initiative:

Aditya Aryan
Kumar Arpit
Ujjwal Raj
Uddeshya Kumar
Muskan Pathak
Preeti Priya
Prasoon Shekhar





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