Teenager Sentenced Death Penalty for Raping and Killing an Eight-Year Old

Teenager Sentenced Death Penalty for Raping and Killing an Eight-Year Old

Bringing a six-months trial to an end, the accused of a rape case, who brutally raped and killed an eight year old was sentenced with death penalty. The accused is 19 years old.

The Additional sessions judge Naresh Kumar of a Rewari court in Haryana while making a milestone judgement called the case "rarest of the rare" where a penalty less than death was not justified. He compared the case with the ‘nirbhaya case’ and passed a similar judgement as a result too.

The 19 year old convict was charged under Sections 372 (selling minor for purposes of prostitution), 376 (rape), 201(causing disappearance of evidence of offence, or giving false information to screen offender) of the Indian Penal Code and under Section 6 of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act.

The judge while passing the judgement said,

”The court has to consider it as one of the rarest of rare case and lesser punishment than death penalty cannot be given. Further, the pain and suffering of that particular innocent child is very material. The court cannot ignore it. This case cannot be considered as lesser to Nirbhaya because the victim who was innocent, having a bright future, was murdered for the purpose of sexual act and in the day light within the vicinity of the village.”

The heinous crime was committed on 9th of June earlier this year. The convict used to live with the family in the same house where he had rented a room. He used to work in the same factory where the father of th convict worked. The parents of the victim had went to the hospital with the victim’s sibling when the convict decided to act. He first tried showing the little girl porn, and later tried to force himself on her. When she resisted, he muffled her mouth with a cloth and later brutally strangled her to death to escape punishment. He tried hiding the body in his cupboard and misdirected his parents when he was asked the whereabouts of the kid but was finally caught by the police when he gave contradictory answers to the interrogation. The court said that such a crime committed in broad daylight amidst everyone deserves nothing less than the death penalty.

The act is in itself a crime of unimaginable brutality, doesn’t matter the age of the victim, the way the crime was done or the time.


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