Third Judge of Gujarat High Court Recuses Himself from Hearing Bail Plea of Vismay Shah

Third Judge of Gujarat High Court Recuses Himself from Hearing Bail Plea of Vismay Shah

Till now three judges of the Gujarat High Court have recused themselves from  hearing the bail plea of Vismay Shah, as on Monday this week, Justice Umesh Trivedi refused to hear the bail plea of the six people saying  “not before me”  then on Tuesday, Justice A P Thaker too recused himself from the case and surprisingly on Wednesday, it was for the third time that  Justice V B Mayani who also refused to entertain bail application of the Vismay Shah and others caught during an illegal liquor party.

The six people have been in custody since eight days now and the lawyers representing the accused said that now they will go the fourth judge Justice A C Rao on Thursday with a request to hear their plea. It is to be noted that a court in Gandhinagar has already rejected their plea and if the fourth judge also recuses, they could be left with only option to place it before the regular bench once the court resumes on January 7.

The four judges have been recently elevated to manage two benches during the winter vacations of the courts.

This is not the first instance Vismay Shah has been facing legal troubles. He was the convict of the 2013 hit-and-run car accident case when he had killed two young men by speeding and rash driving. He was given a sentence of a five-year jail term. He wasn’t granted bail by any of the courts in Gujarat, however, he finally got bail from the Supreme court. He also approached court a few days back to get his passport back so that he could go on honeymoon with his wife, which too was rejected.

On December 26, the Adalaj Police, while patrolling raided at house number 16 of Balaji Kutur Bungalows where it found Vismay Shah with his and four friends having a liquor party. The raid was not preplanned or the police were not specifically after Vismay as they identified him only during the documentation which was a surprise for them. The police found Vismay Shah, his wife Pooja, and his friends Meemansa Buch, Chintan Patel, Harshit Majmudar and Manthan Ganatra in a loaded state.



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