Voice of the Multitude Acknowledged, Historic Quota Bill Giving Economic Reservation Passed By Rajya Sabha

Voice of the Multitude Acknowledged, Historic Quota Bill Giving Economic Reservation Passed By Rajya Sabha

Modi Government's endeavour to ensure that every poor person, irrespective of caste or creed should lead a life of dignity, and get access to all possible opportunities seems to be fulfilled today as the bill providing 10 per cent quota in jobs and education to general category candidates who belong to economically weaker sections has been passed by the Rajya Sabha on January 9 with majority of 165 votes out of 172.  Lok Sabha cleared the Bill unanimously on January 7.

However, the Bill was also opposed during the debate and the opposition parties termed Modi government's move a "political gimmick".

The Bill nonetheless, is also welcomed by most as it is first of its kind which extends reservation while keeping aside the criteria of caste for eligibility to the reservation as it will also cover persons belonging from the Muslims, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist and other minority communities.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi who was glad to see the widespread support for the Bill, tweeted, "Delighted the Rajya Sabha has passed The Constitution (One Hundred And Twenty-Fourth Amendment) Bill, 2019.

.....The House also witnessed a vibrant debate, where several members expressed their insightful opinions."

Considering the passage of The Constitution Bill, 2019 in both Houses of Parliament as a victory for social justice, PM Modi also tweeted, "It ensures a wider canvas for our Yuva Shakti to showcase their prowess and contribute towards India’s transformation."

On Tuesday, the Union Cabinet had approved a 10 percent reservation for economically backward upper castes in government jobs and education including those who are earning less than Rs. 8 lakh per year. Furthermore, the reservation will also facilitate admissions in higher educational institutions.  The aforesaid approval also makes eligible those, who have agricultural land below five acres and for availing the quota a residential house should be below 1000 square feet, whereas, the residential plot should be below 100 yards in the notified municipality and below 200 yards in a non-notified municipality.

Shiv Sena also backed Quota Bill and Shiv Sena leader Anil Desai said that there should be a specific mechanism in order to check the implementation of the Bill and eligibility criteria of those who are covered under it.


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